FKI, founded in 1961, is a non-profit independent business association with over 500 members that include 430 company members, 67 organization members and 4 former FKI chairmen as honorary members.

FKI’s primary objective is to foster Korea’s competitive environment thus unleashing greater prosperity in both domestic and global markets. FKI stands in support of free market, free economy, and free enterprise.
Major activities are 1) to analyze diverse economic and industrial issues, 2) to make policy suggestions to the Korean government, 3) to operate 29 bilateral economic cooperation committees and engage in multilateral business cooperation such as B20, ABAC, BIAC and AEBF, and 4) to assist member companies in making contributions to local communities home and abroad.

FKI- Korean Government Partnership

FKI has been closely collaborating with the Korean government, ever since its establishment 51 years ago.

As the definite voice of the Korean business community, FKI delivers the business perspective to the Government through its numerous policy recommendations on economic and business issues, while the government is quite receptive to these FKI suggestions and reflect them in the government policies.



Chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI)

Chairman of GS Holding Corp.

Global Business Coalition-FKI-Chang-Soo Hu-Korea

Mr Chang-soo Huh was elected to the Chairmanship of FKI in 2011, and is also Chairman of GS Holdings Corp.

Mr Chang-soo Huh is the 33rd Chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI), having taken up the position in February 2011.

He is also Chairman of GS Holdings Corp. which specializes in energy, distribution, and construction. GS Holdings operates subsidiaries and affiliates such as GS Caltex Oil, GS Power, GS Retail, GS Shop, GS EPS, GS Global, and GS Engineering & Construction. Mr Huh assumed his current position and responsibilities as Chairman of GS as of July 2004. He has also been serving as Chairman of GS Engineering & Construction Since 2002.

Mr Huh received his degree in Business Administration from Korea University in 1972. He also graduated from the Department of Business Administration at Saint Louis Graduate School in 1977 and earned an honorary doctorate degree of law at Saint Louis University in 2007.

Federation of Korean Industries